Instagramming Barcelona’s New York Times Magazine’s Photography Exhibition

This weekend, Palau Robert, launched its FREE New York Times Magazine Photography exhibition curated by Kathy Ryan and Lesley A. Martin. It includes over 135 photographs by about 35 artists including Paolo Pellegrin, Jeff Koons, Simon Norfolk and many more. The themes are an incredibly eccentric mix drawn from over 30 years of photography by the New York Times Magazine. Some of these are “Olympic Athletes”, “Obama’s Administration”, “Darfur”, “9/11” and my personal favorite, “Fashion Crossover”. I was able to take quite a few photos via Instagram and certainly hope to go back at least one more time to dig a little deeper; today was a quick start. Enjoy the pictures. The exhibition is on until December 2nd.

And here are a couple of related links with more information on the exhibition itself as it has apparently been up and traveling for several months now:

Le Journal de la Photographie

Foam Press


    • Hey there, Thanks! I’m writing about all sorts of stuff from fashion to architecture to food. Hard to pigeonhole. Will definitely check your blog out. 🙂

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