Squeezing the Autumn Out of Los Angeles

It’s true, it’s true, Southern California can be somewhat lackluster when it comes to seasonality. It’s hard to relish autumn without seeing more oranges and reds in our local foliage. California poppies bloom in spring after all, and palm trees and succulents just won’t do sometimes. But let’s look at the bright side, you can plant your poppies now and we’ve got plenty of pumpkins.

Besides, last night’s icy winds served as a reminder of  winter’s inevitable embrace soon. So I say, enjoy autumn while you can. This post focuses on three simple pointers for getting the most out of autumn in Los Angeles, even if our leaves don’t really change hues around here. They focus on none other than three of my favorite things: fashion, food and libation, naturally.

SoCal Autumn Copyright: Eaton Alive 2009
SoCal Autumn Copyright: Eaton Alive 2009

Tip #1 Make Sure to Dress the Part: Pick autumnal colors, tones and styles. This goes for men and women, alike. I love browns, oranges, tans, as well as certain blues and greens thrown into the mix. I usually browse through a few fashion blogs or sites, just to make sure I’m honing in on a popular fashion trend or two each season. You may not need a proper coat, but who’s to say a nice dress or pair of tights, and for men, even pants or a vest, can’t evoke fall? And we can always throw in a light scarf or pair of gloves, to complete any fall ensemble.

Oh and don’t forget… boots, boots, boots. Did I say boots? Short ones or long are fine, and you can choose from blacks and greys to reds. Again, this is true for men and women just the same. For women (and men, too, if you’d like), don’t forget to mind your hair and nails. You can color those, too. Finally, don’t stop at fashion, think of other creative ways to incorporate the beautiful autumnal color palette into every day life!

Fall Fashion
Fall Fashion

Tip #2 Shop for local, seasonal produce & foods, and choose the specialty items on the menu when eating out. Choosing seasonal offerings and fare, is a traditional and sensible way to shop. If eating out regularly, remember to ask for the seasonal offering. Head to your local Farmers’ Market if possible, and ask your grocer about which items are in (or special) for the season, check lists like this beforehand, to be best prepared. Fall items include produce like apples, cauliflower, chard, artichokes and kale.

I recently signed up for Farm Fresh to You (Based in NorCal, but with offices in Anaheim.) This is a healthy and sustainable way to get your produce that also ensures you get some variety in your eating routine. You can never go wrong with a hearty fall salad. Make sure to include all these ingredients in your Thanksgiving Feast this year, whether staying in or heading out. Also, don’t forget to pick up those  specialty items like the Pumpkin Rooibos tea sold at Trader Joes, which brings me to my next point…

Wine Harvest in Autumn - Copyright Lillith Photo 2010
Wine Harvest in Autumn – Copyright Lillith Photo 2010

Tip #3 Indulge in local wine, beer and other seasonal drinks. We’ve covered fashion and food, but something is missing… libation, anyone? Did you choose some nice bottles this season? Autumn is always the best time of year for wine since it’s harvest time. There’s nothing more exciting than getting a shipment of a few exquisite bottles of wine, and I’m guilty as charged. For Angelenos, Sonoma and Napa need not be the center of gravity. Consider closer wine countries like Paso Robles, Ojai, Los Olivos and Temecula for fabulous wine options. A solid Syrah or a nice cuvée should hit the spot,  pairing nicely with your seasonal fare.

And, don’t stop there, make sure to get your share of the local craft beer. It’s no wonder Octoberfest is in autumn! Toasty wheats and IPAs are great for fall. And I’m pleasantly surprised at how many new breweries have emerged around Los Angeles. In fact, it’s a bit of a craze that’s competing with more established craft beer regions in SoCal like San Diego. I already talked about pumpkin rooibos tea, but have you tried that pumpkin spice latte yet? Not sure the ingredients are all local in this case, but it does taste good, and has that quintessentially autumn feel. Trust me, they won’t last long, in fact, they may even run out!
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Signing Off,

~ Erica

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