More Fall Frolickings…

Wow, I definitely followed my own advice today…. I dressed in autumnal colors, drank a pumpkin spice latte around lunch time (in Koreatown), came home after work today and had a nice glass of white wine, and am now waiting for my red kuri squash to finish roasting!

Instagram: Red chard, fennel, quinoa & cous cous for lunch last Saturday!

Not bad, eh? And by the way, here’s what I got in my Farm Fresh to You shipment last week:

1 Red Kuri Winter Squash

3 Fuji Apples – Amazing!

4 Valencia Oranges

1 lb Black Seedless Grapes – Amazing!

1 Bulb of Fennel

1 Loose Broccoli

1 Leek

1 Rainbow Carrots –  Amazing!

1 Red Chard

Note all of the Amazings! Looking forward to the next shipment, and actually thinking that I should order a special one for Thanksgiving. I’ll keep you updated. Keep loving autumn! I promise to post more pics of food up in about a week’s time!

Signing Off,

~ Erica

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