Crawling, Parading, Running & Walking in L.A.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and fall is in full swing now here in Los Angeles, which means I´ve been having A LOT OF FUN.

I’ve been back for just under two months, and have been bombarded with a myriad of exceedingly stimulating events and possibilities in the spirit of Halloween to Santa-themed, found throughout the streets of Los Angeles. Here is my shortlist of must-see, or rather must-do events in Los Angeles THIS FALL & EVERY FALL starting around Halloween to just about when Hanukkah begins during the 1st week of December, and a few weeks before Christmas! I’ve also included a few more traditional parties, which involve DANCING of course!

1. Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood – I don’t have too much to say about this, but it’s hands down the thing to do in Los Angeles for Halloween. It’s best to meet a friend who lives in West Hollywood and to carpool, if you can as I’ve heard parking is impossible!

2. Great L.A. Walk – I think this may have been the 6th year (that I know of) that this event has happened,starting in different parts of the city each year since 2006– a great way to get to know L.A., step by step, needless to say. It’s not as heavily publicized as some of the other large-scale events, and perhaps  lower-key, but a fantastic endeavor nonetheless, and I imagine it will continue to grow in years to come!

3. The Hollywood Christmas Parade – The H-wood parade celebrated its 81st go this year! It was actually inaugurated back in 1928 by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in an effort to boost shopping, and happens the Sunday after Thanksgiving taking a 3.5 route around Hollywood. Though it has been aired live on TV at times in its history, it didn’t get favorable ratings, and is now syndicated. This year’s Grand Marshall was Joe Mantegna, actor and producer.

4. The Movember Gala Parté – Starting in Australia, Movember has really taken off in the last 5 years WORLDWIDE, and is going strong today! This year’s Los Angeles grand finale event was held at Avalon in Hollywood. Ok, ok, again, not on the streets, but for a more traditional party, this is my favorite, since it’s all for charity to fight against prostate cancer, and so cleverly done, rallying men of all ages to grow that mo each November. I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s party– great crowd, SWAG, music and dancing! Here’s a slideshow of pictures from L.A. weekly and my post about it last month.

5. Great Gatsby Party – This party is massive and more traditional Hollywood-style, as well, attracting thousands each year. It is usually held in a historic mansion somewhere in mid-city, and its prohibition theme is classical and popular. The 1920s and 1930s were just oozing with sex appeal and I think that just about anyone can jump on that bandwagon! It’s put on by Drink Eat Play, which organizes events in other cities and throughout the year including beer fests– L.A.’s is in April this coming year.

6. Santa Monica – Venice Christmas Run – This is supposedly L.A.’s largest holiday run and in its 35th year! It was held today, December 8th this year, drawing in thousands and is considered to be a long-standing community event and tradition. According to the event website, “The Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run… is the true start of the holidays.” So, there you have it, the holiday season officially begins! Apparently, Bruce Mitchell, a local realtor in the area, started organizing the run since its inception in 1977 and is still doing so today! Good stuff.


7. SantaCon – This is another crazy, global and beer-drinking holiday event that happens in L.A. (and Ventura) each year! This year they started in Culver City, headed out to the Bonaventure in DTLA, then went winding back out to Hollywood. The cool thing about this event is that it’s all via subway and light rail! I’ve also heard from several L.A. insiders that this is really great fun! Here are the quirky FAQS taken off the event blog/website:


Q: What is SantaCon?
A: SantaCon is your opportunity to be Santa!

Q: Is this some kind of political statement?
A: No. It’s fun and only fun.

Q: Who’s in charge?
A: Santa.

Haha, not sure what to make about that exactly. I’ve got one word: RANDOM.

So that’s all I’ve got for now, but I’m already looking forward to upcoming winter / spring events in 2013: The Rose Parade, Tough Mudders, the L.A. Marathon, Beer fests and more, and I will definitely be posting about all good things to come soon!

Signing Off,

~ Erica

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