Oh, OkCupid… Is it Really Time to Throw in the Towel?

online dating

After countless hours wasted, a few good dates, and continued deliberation, I’m  seriously wondering if I should delete my only online dating account. We’ve had an on-and-off affair for about 2 1/2 years now, after all…

I’ve actually met enough interesting people on it so that I feel like it isn’t a complete waste, but the truth is that I’ve ended up being friends, at best, with only some of those people.

Also, I just get tired of the way it all works– you have to constantly stay active to keep your page ‘live’, so to speak, and it really is a bit too much about marketing yourself and your image.

I just can’t really see myself putting racy pictures up to draw in more men, or potential virtual suitors that is.

And, because I closed and re-opened my account recently, I apparently lost my ‘hotness’ ranking, too, which means the OK Cupid robots aren’t sending me the ‘top shelf’ profiles anymore.

In general, I feel the site fosters voyeurism and casual hook ups, which I’m not really interested in for obvious reasons.

So should stay or go? Despite all these complaints and though I may be inclined to try another paid site one day in the future, for now, I’m keeping my existing profile up. Why?

You never know, maybe something will blossom with current OKC friends/contacts who I now talk (or text) with on and off the site, and though I’m not holding my breath, I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet!

Signing Off,

~ Erica

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