Airports, Wine, Zumba & the Neighborhood

Airports, Wine & Zumba– These were the highlights of my week. And exploring the neighborhood a bit.

I was going to drive home to West Covina yesterday to bring my bed back to my new apartment, but got a text from a friend stranded at LAX, so changed my plans. It turns out I couldn’t have brought my bed back anyway as the truck I would use to transport it is actually in Mexico…

I drank quite a bit of wine this week, trying and sharing a bottle of a smokey 2010 Chilean Syrah called Found Object from Trader Joes and a great glass of Rosso di Toscano Capezzana Barco 2009 from Sonoma Wine Bar in Santa Monica. (My friend had the GSM Brophy Clark Santa Ynez Valley 2008 there, and liked that.)

I’ve been having lots of fun at Zumba after work these days. I also tried the Body Pump class, which is exactly what I am looking for to tone and build more muscle definition.

Finally, I walked around the neighborhood a little bit and discovered a nice little kosher deli around the corner, Izzy’s Deli, a decent little pizza place, Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen, and Sushi King, which has gotten great reviews on Yelp.

That’s all for now! Work and cleaning to do the rest of the day!

Signing Off,

~ Erica

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