CicLAvia: Cycling Comes to L.A., Big Time.

Hey Angelenos, cyclists, drivers, and city-dwellers alike!

This last weekend, I joined about 150,000 others in the CicLAvia movement ‘in a ride to the sea’ from Downtown to Venice, in an almost car-free environment for about half a day.

(Learn more about Ciclovía and its roots in Bogotá Colombia.)

Though being one of the masses is a major part of what makes this event so worthwhile, what truly matters most is that it is raising awareness about the need for a broader acceptance of cycling as a viable means of transportation in cities.

And in Los Angeles, of course.

The next ride is on Sunday, June 23rd.

You ready to get your ass into gear?

Be there or be square. :-]

Signing Off,

~ Erica

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