Time Flies When You’re Living Life

The only constant is change.

Sometimes, during challenging times given not only the Covid outbreak, but also our social justice crisis as a whole, it helps to turn inward a bit. For me that means reflecting on where my life is today and how it has evolved in the last few years. This brings me to my blog…

My poor neglected blog. I started this as a way to write about and document my adventures in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, working full-time, life and other responsibilities have kept me from truly keeping this up. Since my last few posts, a lot has changed. Well, I would hope that things would change in the span of three to four years, but there have also been many constants.

I continued exploring the city and tried many new restaurants, and bars. I also went to many of museums, concerts and events. I often went hiking or to the mountains or beach! These are the reasons why I love L.A. and all of Southern California. I also bought a condo in Koreatown.

I remain fully employed as an urban planner and I still have a real estate broker’s license. Most recently, I also got married to love of my life and the sweetest most thoughtful partner I could have ever asked for. And now we’re also expecting. I also moved to the suburbs, still in L.A. County, but oustide of the serious hustle and bustle of urban city life.

When I ponder all the constants, and all the life changes, I think about the evolution of my writing, and what matters to me now. I need to rethink the purpose of this blog. I’d like to keep writing, but I need to shift my focus to the aspects of my life that matter most now. I suppose these aspects are more domestic now, related to interior design, to cooking, and very soon, to being a mom. The adventures continue, but they are of a different sort. And I don’t think I’ll become a mommy blogger quite yet! I also still enjoying traveling very much.

In the past, I tried to focus on “all things culture & lifestyle in L.A.” But not sure I have done that theme much justice in the last few years, at least not in my writing. And so, if I don’t use this space for personal writing and topics, I may shift the focus of this blog primarily to urban planning and real estate news, as well as to other professional pursuits in the years to come, but with a mommy twist! Please stayed tuned for a slightly new direction soon.

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