Shopping Therapy at The Grove in L.A.

After all that ranting and raving about race, class and identity yesterday, I decided that what I really needed was a little bit of shopping therapy– something L.A. is particularly adept at providing.

I’d been meaning to go to the Grove in the Fairfax District for some time now, since I’ve always loved people-watching there. The outdoor promenade offers an unexpected respite from the density and traffic that surrounds it, and is in many ways, reminiscent of the European promenades I’ve been missing.

As I parked my car in the lot, I heard a rooster several times. I only say this because it was startling and odd. I don’t know where it came from, but I think that people in L.A. are still allowed to have one rooster in their homes according to current land use law, which could explain this. I could be wrong, but I believe this was much different about 100 years back!

In an effort to get a solid dose of commercialism, and quench my thirst for anything European, I visited Topshop and Zara, first. I tried on a few items, but couldn’t really settle on anything, and I already felt exhausted. I went to the Farmers Market to grab lunch and opted to try something new, an Armenian Boreka.

I didn’t really feel like shopping anymore, but decided I would go to one last favorite place– Nordstrom! I ended up spending much longer there than I intended and walked out with new workout clothes (various brands, including Karma and this other soft cotton type wear I just love!) and an awesome gym/laptop bag (made by the Northface). I love the current spring and summer blues, greens and yellows. This season is bright!

I should also add that every item I got was on sale. Even the sales girl that was helping me out at Nordstrom said I did well! 🙂  …I was so tempted to get this gorgeous bikini that was not on sale. It was a pretty penny, in fact, but I might go back for it….  Shopping can be therapeutic, for better or for worse. Suddenly, I feel a little bit better about  everything.

Signing Off,

~ Erica

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