Walking with the L.A. Conservancy

This Saturday, I had the pleasure of going on two history walks with the L.A. Conservancy. The first was the Historic Downtown walk led by a friendly male docent and high school teacher, and the second, Modern Skylines, was led by a lovely female docent, who is also apparently working on two books at the moment. Needless to say, the docents were engaging, with quite unique and distinctive styles, covering the first and second halves of the 21st century, respectively.

Here are a few instagrams from the day. The starting point for both walks was Pershing Square.

Here’s the view from there:

The ending point for the Historic Downtown walk was the Bradbury Building. It’s absolutely exquisite:

The rest are from the Modern Skyline walk:

Hope you enjoyed those!

If you are an architecture and history lover living in Los Angeles, you should join the L.A. Conservancy. Membership is fairly affordable, and you get lots of perks, like a 50% discount on walking tours, which quite frankly, are already super affordable at $10 per person for non-members. (That said, all tourists and newcomers to L.A. should take advantage of this!) Besides, you are contributing to a great cause– to intelligently explore, protect and preserve Los Angeles’ unique history and architectural gems.

Finally, stay tuned as I hope to write more about the walks, and about my experiences with the L.A. Conservancy. I also hope to upload some other pics very soon.


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