Moving Around & Driving In L.A.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… but unlike times before, I really do have many good excuses this time. I’ve had to take a sabbatical from my blog to focus on other important projects– projects resulting in much-needed income! I’ve started a new job working as a regional planning assistant in Los Angeles, and had to move back to my hometown, West Covina, while in the midst of the job transition. During this time, I also volunteered with the Los Angeles Conservancy, and took an extended trip to New York City for the New Year holiday!

But, after several months at home, about 5 to be exact, tomorrow, I move back to the Westside, and to Beverly Hills, specifically. Obviously, I have mixed feelings about this. Mostly, I feel like it is a step in the right direction, but I will certainly miss all the creature comforts of living at home in the suburbs– like the company (my mom and dad, and family) and regular home cooked meals (by mom), a sub-zero fridge (awesome), cable TV (um, awesome sauce) and easy laundry (may still get this)! Let’s just say that despite how it seems, moving to Beverly Hills and all, my life away from home, is much more spartan and modest most of the time. And well, I’m (almost) all on my own!

Anyway, you may recall a post I wrote about a year and a half ago, about using public transit in L.A. Well, I’ve since been forced to relinquish such illusions… Upon moving to Beverly Hills from Santa Monica, I was forced to stop taking the subway. Before my time in Santa Monica then Beverly Hills, I was taking Metrolink and the subway often, all the way from West Covina to Koreatown. But, the prospect of taking the bus once I moved to disconnected Beverly Hills, was just not the same as getting on the subway. Since, I’ve been driving an older BMW that has needed regular maintenance. And my new job requires that I rack on the mileage.

So, I’ve started to wonder about how I can rekindle my lost enthusiasm for public transit and sustainable travel in the City of Angels. The solution? I’m thinking I should move close to work headquarters and eventually invest in a reliable, fuel-efficient car. Tomorrow, I move back to what I like to call Beverly Flats. I hope to stay there through late summer / early fall. Then, the quest begins for a new apartment, and a new car.

I’ve talked with my new planning co-workers (who happen to be pretty amazing, btw) about some of this stuff, and they’ve piped in with their support and experiences. One of my co-workers claims that Highland Park is well-connected and trendy. He is arguably the resident hipster and drives an older  Toyota Corolla. Another just bought a used Honda Accord and commutes into Downtown from Long Beach. Another co-worker lives in  Huntington Park and drives a brand new Toyota Corolla, too! Hmm, I think I’d prefer Highland Park… and a Toyota Corolla? Maybe. Expect more regarding this to come soon!

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